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Aptamers: Catalogue Aptamers

Aptamers are single-stranded DNA or RNA molecules that can bind to pre-selected targets including proteins and peptides with high affinity and specificity. We offer catalogue aptamers (below); see the description tab (below) for details of our custom aptamer service.

Please remember to pick your Modification from "Related items"

If the listed modifications do not meet your needs many other modifications are available on request

All Aptamers from Base Pair Bio are available with the following modifications

Please choose your modification and add as an extra catalogue number:


ATWUNMOD - Unmodified

ATWAMINE - Amine modification

ATWBIOTIN - Biotin modification

ATWTHIOL - Thiol modification (extra charge) -

Please note: Thiol reducing buffer is not supplied and users must provide their own

ATWFLUOR - Fluor (all) modification (extra charge)