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Transfection-EZ Biosystems

Transfection-EZ Biosystems

Avalanche® Transfection Reagent Series: Built on their expert knowledge & experience, powered by their vision & passion, EZ Biosystems™ has been dedicated to the research and development of next-generation transfection reagents by applying their expertise in combinatorial chemistry, molecular biology, and cell biology. With the launch of Avalanche® Transfection Reagent series, EZ Biosystems™ has been at the leading forefront of next-generation transfection reagent development and production. Check out the general purpose transfection reagents for plasmids, siRNAs (plasmid + siRNA co-transfections) and CRISPR/Cas9 as well as highly specific transfection reagents that have been carefully optimised for different primary cell types and different cell lines.

Avalanche®-Omni Transfection Reagent

Exceptionally powerful and versatile next-generation DNA and siRNA transfection reagent with the broadest spectrum for day-to-day experiments. No other transfection reagents can match the efficiency, spectrum, convenience, and gentleness of Avalanche®-Omni Transfection Reagent for transfection of primary cells and other difficult-to-transfect cells.


Avalanche®-Cell Type / Cell Line-specific Transfection Reagent series

Perform maximum transfection efficiency for more than 170 different primary cells and cell lines including 124 cancer cell lines (e.g. All of NCI60 cancer cell lines). Each of the cell type/cell line-specific transfection reagents in our Avalanche® series was individually formulated. 

For more information on Avalanche® for cell lines or primary cells or to learn why you should use Avalanche® Cell Type-Specific Transfection reagents and how EZ Biosystems developed Avalanche® Cell Type-Specific Transection Reagents, just click on the tabs above.


Avalanche®-in vivo Transfection Reagent

Avalanche®-in vivo Transfection Reagent is extremely powerful for gene functional studies in vivo. This reagent was made by EZ Biosystem's proprietary formula which interacts with nucleic acids and moves into cells via endocytosis. In addition, to efficiently transporting nucleic acids into the cells, the formula is also able to lead to the protection of the nucleic acids from lysosomal degradation and the efficient release of those nucleic acids from lysosomes to ensure maximum function. Avalanche®-in vivo has been proven to be able to perform the maximum delivery of DNA, shRNA, siRNA, or oligonucleotides into different organs in the body.


Avalanche®-PRO Transfection Reagent

  • Ideal for biotherapeutic protein production       
  • Highest recombinant protein yield
  • Less plasmid DNA and transfection reagent needed
  • Proven scalability
  • Simplest transfection protocol
  • Totally animal-free


Avalanche®-CRISPR Transfection Reagent

  • Specifically designed for CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing transfection in mammalian cells.
  • Maximum efficiency for transfecting large plasmids (>9.0 kb).
  • Great for co-transfection of large plasmids with either small plasmids or small RNA, such as sgRNA.
  • Great for CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing in difficult-to-transfect cells, such as primary cells, suspension culture cells, or neural cells.


Avalanche®-Everyday Transfection Reagent

As the simplified version of our most popular and powerful Avalanche®-Omni Transfection Reagent (Avalanche®-Omni), Avalanche®-Everyday Transfection Reagent (Avalanche®-Everyday) has the transfection efficiency very close to that of Avalanche®-Omni. The price of Avalanche®-Everyday is far lower than other competitors on the market and you can do more transfections per volume of reagent supplied.