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Cell Culture Contamination Control

Cell Culture Contamination Control: Elimination

High quality but affordable diagnostic kits for the detection of microbial contaminants in cell cultures, biopharmaceutical products, clinical samples and water. Utilising the sensitivity of PCR and real-time PCR techniques and continued development activities guarantees high quality contamination control.

Mycoplasma Elimination

If you are unfortunate enough to find mycoplasma in your cell culture or virus stocks we highly recommend immediate autoclaving and disposal of any contaminated cell cultures. After having discarded the contaminated cells along with the used reagents and cell culture media, we recommend thorough cleaning of the whole laboratory.

However, we appreciate that certain cells and virus stocks are rare or historically significant and might benefit from being cleaned up. With this purpose in mind Minerva Biolabs have developed mycoplasma elimination products (Mynox® and Mynox® Gold) that can eradicate mycoplasma from an already contaminated cell culture with negligible cytotoxicity.

Mynox® is an antibiotic-free formulation for mycoplasma eradication from cell cultures. Its activity is based on a biophysical mechanism and therefore does not allow for the development of resistant strains.

Mynox® Gold is a formulation of the classic Mynox® reagent that has undergone further development and combines a standard antibiotic with the Mynox® ingredients. Achieve 100% eradication of mycoplasma with no cytotoxicity and a low resistance risk.