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In Vitro Toxicology

In Vitro Toxicology: Cytotoxicity kits

Gentoxicity ,Cytotoxicity and Endocrine disruptor assays.

Cytotoxicity assays were among the first in vitro bioassay methods used to predict toxicity of substances to various tissues. The safety evaluation of compounds such as drugs, cosmetics, food additives, pesticides and industrial chemicals is growing year by year. The need for reliable, sensitive and quantitative assays that enable analysis of large number of compounds in preclinical research is therefore increasing.

Cambio offer Xenometrix range of cytotoxicity assays for the in vitro evaluation of cells in response to pharmaceutical or chemical compounds. They are based on well established, sensitive and reliable endpoints of cytotoxicity and growth inhibition and are adapted for high throughput in microtiter plates. The multiple endpoint cytotoxicity test kits allow to determine up to four parameters from the same cellular sample. For example membrane integrity, cellular metabolism, mitochondrial activity and total protein synthesis or cell proliferation can be assessed from the same cells. This technical optimization used in the combined kits allows to increase the relevance of correlation of the tests, to increase the chances to detect cytotoxic effects, and to reduce the overall handling time and the amount of test compounds needed. It allows also to make optimal use of rare and valuable cell samples such as primary cell cultures. Multiple endpoint kits may also give hints at mechanisms of toxicity.