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DNA & RNA Sequencing

DNA & RNA Sequencing

The products in this section demonstrate a number of rapid and reliable methods useful in DNA and RNA sequencing.

Other products include areas for the clean-up of molecular labeling reactions from nucleic acids, proteins or carbohydrates, 96 well plates for dye terminator removal from DNA sequencing reactions.


ALINE Biosciences is a leading provider of innovative solutions to magnetic bead-based high-throughput sequencing platforms (Sanger and Next-Generation) and DNA/RNA isolation and clean-up. ALINE’s mission is to provide the highest quality and most cost efficient solutions with the combination of in-depth knowledge and innovative technologies for:

  • NGS Library Clean-up
  • Sanger Sequencing Clean-up
  • DNA Normalization kits
  • DNA Purification kits
  • RNA Purification kits