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Protect your waterbath
against bacteria, mycoplasma,
protozoa, algae, fungi, and yeast.

* Broad Antimicrobial Activity
* Wide Range of Applications
* No Cell Toxicity
* No Pipetting
* Long-lasting Activity


Check out the new cutting edge GELATOTM gel running system:


This all-in-one research-grade system comes with in built blue light and rapidly runs beautiful agarose gels.

Tech corner

Are you doing NanoporeTM sequencing?

Here are some top tips:

1.  Make sure you are using a wide bore tip (you can just cut the end off with a sterile scalpel)

2. Did you know that MasterPure kits are fully scalable allowing you to pack the right amount of DNA or RNA into the 7 ul needed on common instruments?

3. If you don't want to change your NA purification method then you might be interested to try concentrating your NA using PCRClean DX or RNA MagClean DX?  Just contact us for more details...


Nanopore is a trademark of Oxford Nanopore

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