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In Vitro Toxicology

In Vitro Toxicology

Gentoxicity ,Cytotoxicity and Endocrine disruptor assays.

Mutagenicity, cytotoxicity and endocrine disruptor assays.


Mutagenicity Kits- Identify mutagenic compounds

This section contains reagents and kits manufactured by Xenometrix used for identifying a wide variety of chemicals, and products for their genotoxic/mutagenic effects using Ames microfluctuation technology. Kits include  those such as  Ames II, Ames MPF PENTA 1 and Ames MPF PENTA 2, Ames MPF 1535, etc. The tests come as a complete kit, are standardized and quality controlled. They are run in a liquid format on 384 well plates. The assay system is a microsystems listed in the ICH M7 guideline and it is a version of the Ames fluctuation test cited in the OECD / FDA guidelines. Several publications showing a high concordance with the agar plate method are available. Xenometrix also offers all accessories to perform the Ames assay, such as S9, positive controls, S9 Cofactor solution, etc.


Endocrine Disruptors -  In vitro  Estrogen and Androgen Activity

Another product range is the XenoScreen YES/YAS” and “Xenoscreen XL YES YAS” for the detection of substances activating or inhibiting human estrogen and androgen receptors, via agonistic or antagonistic action.


Cytotoxicity Assays

Single and multiple endpoint cytotoxicity assays covering a wide range of mechanisms and read-outs. The test kits are typically used in the early screening phase to determine cytotoxicity endpoints in eukaryotic cells. Xenometrix is the only company offering 4-endpoint cytotoxicity assays