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Cell Culture Contamination Control

Cell Culture Contamination Control

High quality but affordable diagnostic kits for the detection of microbial contaminants in cell cultures, biopharmaceutical products, clinical samples and water. Utilising the sensitivity of PCR and real-time PCR techniques and continued development activities guarantees high quality contamination control.

Cell Culture Contamination Control 


Are you wondering why you are getting irreproducible results in your tissue culture experiments? Bacterial contamination is a serious issue but research shows that 5 - 30 % of all cell cultures today are contaminated with mycoplasma only.

How to solve the problem:

Cambio offers a range of rapid assays and solutions from the leading supplier, Minerva Biolabs, to prevent, detect and control fungal, bacterial, and mycoplasma contamination:


1. Mycoplasma Prevention (the first step)
Mycoplasma Off® wipes and sprays allow you to keep your tissue culture lab clean and free of mycoplasma contamination.

2. Mycoplasma Detection (a key factor in keep your cultures clean)
Venor®GeMmycoplasma detection kits (PCR, qPCR, standard, Advanced and OneStep) allow you to detect early signs of infections in your cultures.

3. Mycoplasma Elimination (if all else fails)
We always recommend that any cultures contaminated with mycoplasma should be immediately autoclaved and discarded to prevent infection spreading but we realise that for certain critical cell lines this might not always be possible. As a last resort, Mynox® and Mynox® Gold are effective reagents to remove mycoplasma infections.



You should also consider WaterShieldTM  Water Disinfection Additive


Developed for protecting laboratory water containers such as pans in CO2 incubators, Waterbaths, recirculating chillers and many more.

Highly effective against contamination by bacteria, mycoplasma, fungi, yeasts and algae.

Compatible with commonly used materials such as plastics, rubber and metals etc.

Easy applicable 200 × solution

Odorless and stable, (available in various pack sizes)

Simply add one bottle (10 ml) of WaterShield™ directly to two litres of deionized water.


See also:

Microbial decontamination LabClean® is a specially formulated cleaning reagent to keep lab surfaces and floors clear of microbial contamination.

Bacteria DetectionOnar® Bacteria is a kit that enables detection of the presence of a wide range of bacteria that commonly infect mammalian tissue cultures. The AquaScreen® product line is an in vitro test system for quantitative detection of various water pathogens.