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Aptamers: Custom Aptamer Synthesis

Aptamers are single-stranded DNA or RNA molecules that can bind to pre-selected targets including proteins and peptides with high affinity and specificity. We offer catalogue aptamers (below); see the description tab (below) for details of our custom aptamer service.

We now offer a service for the synthesis of custom high affinity aptamers against your favourite target. Our service takes advantage of a unique form of multiplex SELEX technology and we can make RNA or DNA aptamers depending on your needs. Surprisingly, BasePair Bio and others have found that in addition to RNA aptamers, DNA aptamers can also be generated with high target affinities, the latter allowing for greater stability. Aptamers offer significant advantages over antibodies for many applications. For normal research purposes we offer a very cost-effective solution. If you are interested in using your aptamers for commercial purposes there is an additional fee. For further information please contact us.