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Transfection-EZ Biosystems: Broad Range Transfection Reagents

Avalanche® Transfection Reagent Series: Built on their expert knowledge & experience, powered by their vision & passion, EZ Biosystems™ has been dedicated to the research and development of next-generation transfection reagents by applying their expertise in combinatorial chemistry, molecular biology, and cell biology. With the launch of Avalanche® Transfection Reagent series, EZ Biosystems™ has been at the leading forefront of next-generation transfection reagent development and production. Check out the general purpose transfection reagents for plasmids, siRNAs (plasmid + siRNA co-transfections) and CRISPR/Cas9 as well as highly specific transfection reagents that have been carefully optimised for different primary cell types and different cell lines.

We offer a range of EZ Biosystems' general purpose transfection reagents for plasmid, siRNA, co-transfections, in vivo work and CRISPR.  These reagents are cost-effective and have been specially formulated for maximum transfection efficiency of a wide range of different cell types with minimal toxicity.

Why broad spectrum for all type of nucleic acids?

Avalanche® transfection reagents have the broad spectrum for the transfection of large plasmid, mRNA, siRNA, and/or other type of nucleic acids. This feature makes Avalanche® transfection reagents the best option for co-transfection of different type and/or size of nucleic acids.  The following are the reasons for the broad spectrum:

The key components of Avalanche® transfection reagents are mixtures of cationic lipids and cationic polymers, which contain all three types of amines: primary, secondary, and tertiary amines. The three types of amines have different positive charge strength, hence have different capabilities to combine with negative charged anions.

As anions, different types and sizes of nucleic acids have different densities and quantities of negative charges.

With optimized ratios of different cationic lipids and polymers, hence optimized ratios of the three different type of amines, together with optimized protocols, our Avalanche® mixtures have the optimized strength of positive charges that ensure them to efficiently combine with different type of nucleic acids of a variety of negative charge densities and quantities, and compact them into the right sizes of nanoparticles with the right densities of positive charge (zeta potential) on their surface. The optimized size and the right strength of zeta potential of the nanoparticles are the keys for the nanoparticles to interact efficiently with negatively charged cell surface, and trigger endocytosis process.