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Chromosome Painting

Chromosome Painting: Mouse

Cambio's Star*FISH paints are highly chromosome-specific and provide robust and even coverage of individual chromosomes, unlike paints based on cloned libraries. We also offer a very wide range of chromosome painting probes from Cytotest™ which whole chromosomes, chromosome arms and terminal bands, sub-telomeric probes, chromosome counting probes, locus probes and oncology probes.

Our range of mouse specific chromosome paint includes the Starfish Pan-centromeric probes, available with either a directly labelled FITC fluorochrome or with Biotin. The latter allows the addition of any avidin or strepavidin-attached  fluorochrome of choice to be added by the customer.

The NEW range from Cytotest currently includes the Mouse X and Mouse Y whole chromosome probes. These are available with the choice of the following fluorochromes: CytoGreen, CytoRed, and CytoAqua.

If you are looking for a range of human chromosome specific probes , including whole chromosome and centromeric and telomeric then please click here.