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The PCR products in this section cover a wide range of PCR technologies. Here you will find products suitable for both TA and blunt-end cloning, for high fidelity PCR, PCR on GC-rich regions and long range PCR. You can find here: PCR mastermixes to optimise and streamline your current PCR methods. The FailSafe PCR system allows for rapid optimisation of any PCR in one single run, thanks to the buffer sets which have already been optimised with the correct pH, amounts of magnesium and PCR enhancers.

This section includes a wide range of amplification products and equipment for standard PCR, Extra-long PCR, and cDNA synthesis for RT-PCR so you can find the PCR product that perfectly matches your application. 

Hot product:  miniPCR™mini16 thermal cycler - Amplyus

Small and portable miniPCR fits right on your bench or travels wherever your science goes. miniPCR is the groundbreaking, truly personal and convenient PCR machine. Simple to program and fully interactive through your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Bluetooth compatible. Make yourself a "Lab in a Bag" and get your fieldwork going today!

Hot products: qPCR and qRT-PCR

See our qPCR and qRT-PCR section of the website for the Tataa Biocenter Range allowing extra-robust qPCR results (includes SYBR GrandMaster mixes and more...)