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Metaphase - All Species

Biotin Labelled Chromosomes

FITC Labelled Chromosomes

Cy3 Labelled Chromosomes

Dual Colour Kits

Sperm - Bovine X-Y Sex Test (X-Biotin/Y-Cy3)

Bovine 1,29 Translocation (1-FITC / 29-Biotin)

Multicolour FISH© (M -FISH)

DEAC Multicolour FISH© (M -FISH)


Combined Whole and Pan Centromeric Chromosome Paints

Pan Centromeric Chromosome Paints

Chromosome-Specific Paint

Pan Telomeric


Paraffin-Embedded Tissue

Tavi fish website
Octavian Henegariu's FISH Guide and Troubleshooting Page

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