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Promo on nucleic acid extraction and purification kits

Thursday, 6 February 2020

Free nucleic acid extraction and purification kits - that is correct!

We are so confident that our nucleic acid purification extraction/purification kits will streamline your workflow, as well as save you time and money that we are offering any new users a free sample to try.

0-PCR in 8 minutes

If you are mainly using your DNA for CRISPR, genotyping or PCR then nothing is quicker or easier than the QuickExtract™ DNA Solution. In under 8 minutes, and in just two steps you will have PCR ready DNA. This kit is suitable for virtually any sample: tissues, cells, saliva, buccal swabs, plant, FFPE and many more.

Not just DNA, Not just RNA but TNA!

For those of you requiring a higher grade, high purity nucleic acid for applications such as NGS, cloning, qPCR, microarrays etc then we recommend you try the Masterpure™ Complete DNA & RNA purification kit . It allows you to purify either DNA, or RNA separately or to co-purify them from the same sample, saving you time and money.


Both the above kits are independent of any silica filters or columns thus are very scalable and use no organic solvents or toxic chemicals. Not to mention the amount of plastic waste you can save.

Sounds too good to be true? Contact us on for a questionnaire, simply complete it and we will send you a free kit to trial.

More details of kits can be found here:

Offer is open to new customers only and requires completion of a short questionnaire, feedback must be recieved in a specified time frame. Smallest pack sizes only: QuickExtract DNA (5ml) enough for 50 extractions; MasterPure Complete DNA/RNA purification kit (10 purifications). Please contact us for details.