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Special offer on CircLigase

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

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Applies to CircLigaseTM ssDNA ligase and CircLigaseTM II ssDNA ligase

  • Intramolecular ligation of single-stranded DNA ends containing 5'-phosphates and 3'-hydroxyl groups
  • ATP-independent, non-catalytic enzyme
  • Circularises SS-DNA >15 bases long
  • Comptible with high temperature ligation reactions due to thermostability of CircLigaseTM II enzyme


  • Production of ssDNA templates for rolling-circle replication or rolling-circle transcription experiments
  • Production of ssDNA templates for RNA polymerase and RNA polymerase inhibitor assays

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* Not available in conjunction with any other offer/quotation.  Offer expires 31st May 2019.