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Free! FluoroVue Nucleic Acid Gel Stain

Monday, 6 March 2017

FluoroVue Nucleic Acid Gel Stain*
with every B-Box Blue Light Epi-illuminator
Only £350
Quote "BB17"
*Fluorovue Nucleic Acid Gel Stain  rrp £53.00
All prices exclude VAT and Delivery
SMOBiO's B-BOX™ is a long wavelength, blue light LED epi-illuminator. It is compact in design and robust in structure. Its safety features include a non-UV light source, non-carcinogenic DNA/ Protein dye, and a low operating voltage of only 12 volts.
B-BOX™ also comes with amber colored filter goggles and high quality non-flickering LED lights that are highly sensitive for DNA and protein dye. 

B-BOX™ can greatly ease the routine chore of gel extraction, enabling easy visualization and gel cutting even in bright ambient light. The Multi-angle filter plate provides optimal angles for gel cutting, visualization, and documentation. Finally, a built in barrier system built around the working area helps facilitate cleaning.
Why use blue light not UV light ?
1.UV light damages the DNA sequence
2.DNA electrophoresis mobility is reduced after exposure to UV light
3.Cloning efficiency is reduced after exposure to UV light

This week's special offer- Get a free NS1000- Nucleic acid gel stain with every B-box purchased.

click here to see the all benefits of using the B-Box over traditional UV


Offer expires  31st March 2017