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Enzymes for Molecular Biology

Enzymes for Molecular Biology: Novel Enzymes ( New for 2019)

The range of applications for the enzymes in this section is extensive. Polymerases are useful for labeled DNA probes by nick translation, second-strand cDNA synthesis, strand-displacement amplification and PR and multiplex PCR amplification. Ligases can be applied to ligation of blunt or cohesive-ended DNA fragments, ligation amplification (LCR), repeat Expansion Detection (RED) and molecular cloning of single stranded and double stranded DNA. Other molecular cloning enzymes listed are useful for DNA repair research and study of UV damaged DNA.

New range of enzymes for 2019. Our new range of enzymes include novel enzymes specifically designed or engineered to be amazingly tolerant to high salt concentrations, function at very low temperatures and heat inactivated.